About Us

And Also is a brand of functional and fashionable accessories for happy and fashionable people. It has under its umbrella a plethora of products like leather body belts, handbags and build your own leather accessories. 

Divisha Khaitan Kedia, our founder has always been obsessed with leather and its beautiful metamorphic yet structural quality. After completing her masters in Fashion in 2017, she researched and worked for two years before launching a dream capsule of body belts. There was no stopping after that. 

The brand was launched in 2019 with a vibrant vision – to bring joy to every fashion accessory you purchase. And Also is not just a label that sells accessories, but a brand that tells stories, shares experiences and starts conversations with its community. An easy-going style, newness and durability are the core of the brand’s philosophy.

And Also prides itself on delivering high quality fashion accessories and believes that just because trends change constantly, quality should not be compromised. We maintain superior quality checks for all our products- be it a quirky gold plated buckle, or a classic leather body belt- and aim to make the people who buy from us find multiple ways to put their new accessory to good use.  

As a home grown label, And Also wants to highlight that each accessory can be used for self-expression. It adds to the character of the person wearing And Also. With classic waist belts and whimsical body harnesses, to fun and surprisingly comfortable corsets, the brand truly believes that one must do what they love, buy what they love, wear what they love. And the goal is to bring that love to you.