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A Letter From Divisha

I’m sitting here on The Founder’s Desk and I have some fun stuff I’d like to share with you every now and then.
Today, I wanna talk to you about my life as a small business founder and how that means you’re not just a founder, but many many other things.

When I started my business, I thought I’m doing something that’s right up my alley- fashion.
Who knew that with that came so many other roles that I was very unprepared to fill.

Accountant: It might seem like us business owners are only giving out OTPs but there are so many sheets, numbers and calculations that have become a crucial part of each and everyday of my life.

Runner: from making deliveries to picking up samples, I am essentially an unpaid and undervalued delivery boy.

Photographer: I can go to any heights to save money on shoots and that’s when my photography module from college comes to play.

Customer service: The amount I have learnt about business and communication just by speaking to my customers is truly amazing. It is the most gratifying feeling when you end a query call with a satisfied customer and maybe even a compliment about the brand.

Model: I’ve always been shy of posing and being in front of the camera. But one has to change with the times and so did I. Being the face of And Also has taught me confidence and truly gives me pure joy.

Shrink: Sometimes the only person who can give you a pep talk is you. And trust me- it works wonders!

The roles of a founder don’t end here but I have no complaints. As start up owners, we are forced to hone our skills in every department and there is so much we learn in the process. I give more value to learning & growth than success & money, and I feel And Also has provided me with the best lessons of my life. So, thank you BFF for being a part of this growing community and contributing in your own way to teaching me more and more everyday.

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