Take The Load Off

Take The Load Off

A step by step guide to travelling light and packing just right!

So I live in the suburban realm of the mighty maximum city. From my home desk, I can see the fathomless sea fringed with dancing coconut trees. No, i’m not a philosopher. Just a girl who has recently moved here from a waterless desert (the 50 degrees in the summer is not an exaggeration, trust me). Does this help explain why the sea is a huge distraction for me?

It makes my mind wander, exploring thoughts like the meaning of life, the purpose of my existence, and most importantly- the destination for my next vacation.

One thing leads to another, and before I know it, I am hyperventilating about what I need to pack for this make-believe vacation I just HAVE TO take now to the most ‘trending’ spot of the season.

I don’t know about you but packing scares the bejesus out of me. I take 5 days to plan, strategise, break down, make multiple phone calls to my organised friends, create an absolute mess and finally nervously zip up multiple stuffed suitcases for a ‘short’ weekend getaway to finally realise that I forgot to carry my swimsuit/strapless bra/pair of socks or all of the above.

Styling and fashion have always been an integral part of my life (especially when i’m on a holiday with multiple photo ops). I like to be as prepared to travel as Monica Geller is to clean- whether it’s for a justifiable fashion emergency or a change of mood. This is why, I decided to create a method to make this easier for me, my husband (who has to enter into a stress induced environment and find me under a pile of clothes) and hopefully YOU! Leggo…!

Step 1: The Wardrobe is your oyster 

Start with removing everything you are liking the idea of. Stuff that’s been rotting in your wardrobe waiting for a breath of fresh air (and hopefully a sea breeze), stuff that you really enjoy looking at but never really end up wearing (come on, we all have that. No? Okay just me then), stuff you wear all the time and has in some way become your signature and maybe some stuff from your very ambitious ‘for my next vacation’ section. Don’t get overwhelmed by the dump yard in front of you. It’s all part of the process, baby!


Step 2: Take or Toss

The fun is now over and it’s time to make some tough decisions. Let’s break down your trip by categories of use. List the number of dinners, day outs, shopping days, beach days and special occasions you might have. (Pro tip: Make sure to add a fluid category for outfits you can wear for multiple occasions). Depending on the number, limit and shortlist your choices. Trust me, you don’t wanna carry 5 flouncy midis for that ONE hour salsa class you have that ONE day. (No, of course I didn’t do that…okay fine I did).


Step 3: Mix and match, Clueless Style!

Now let’s move onto my personal favourite step. Start building your outfits and making fun combinations. Carrying separates that might or might not go with everything only increases your extras and leaves you wanting more. Make sure all your bottoms go with multiple tops. Also sticking to the same tones helps in reducing the amount of accessories you have to carry. Think of this step as a fun shopping trip in your own wardrobe. Be your very own contestant of Project Runway and turn straw into gold, solid gold!


Step 4: Bonus Round!

If you’re not used to living at the edge and prefer being over prepared, then this step is for you. Allow yourself 1 extra option for every category we created (night outs, day trips, special occasions etc.) But anything more than that quietly goes back into the wardrobe. Don’t worry, this is not your last vacation.



Step 5: Don’t forget the add-ons!

Being the founder of a fashion accessories label, I believe that they play a major role in defining outfits. You can pair the same outfits with different accessories or pair different outfits with the same accessories to create multiple outfits and looks. For example: When I’m travelling with my favourite ‘Pep It Up’ body belt, I use the tan side to wear over coloured pants, summer dresses or midi skirts in the day, and the black side to wear over bodycons, fitted jeans or pantsuits in the night. It’s my most versatile accessory and never fails to make a statement. This brings me to my pointers to keep in mind when packing accessories- 1) Light weight & non-bulky  2) Colour neutral & style versatile and 3) Statement & defining. Styling your clothes and accessories in different permutations and combinations can make so many more outfits than we could ever expect.

That brings us to the end of my process. Wasn’t that easy, peasy, lemon squeezy?  

Time to get packing and get the hell out of town, lovelies!

Bon Voyage!  

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