To buy or not to buy- Is there even a question?

To buy or not to buy- Is there even a question?

I find myself stuck in a particular spot very often. A spot that goes either this way or that. A spot that defines the many choices I make thereafter and eventually, how I look, feel or behave.

This bemusing and quite often frustrating spot is, by the way, the ‘CART’.

It has happened to every single one of us where we get a wild thought, a new inspiration or simply an itch to shop. The next thing we know, we’re browsing through websites the ‘Algorithm’ has very strategically placed in our vision to look for things we absolutely do not require in the foreseeable future. Exhibit A: that strappy sequin dress to add to my collection of six other unworn strappy sequin dresses that I might just need for those bar nights I don’t have anymore. Exhibit B: that intricately woven straw hat that promises to go with everything on that Safari vacation i’m never going to take.

Whatever the temptation might be, we have all faced one question in the end- To buy or not to buy? Some of us hold on to the perfectly curated cart for three days and then finally press delete. The rest of us indulge in an impulse buy and end up stashing our cupboards with some fresh, labelled, never to be worn delights. Either way, the struggle is real.

What do I do in this case? Well, being a seasoned shopper….I struggle too. However, I have devised a 3 step selection process. Whichever oxblood oxfords, boyfriend blazers and never-full knapsack pass this test, get to stay! YAY!

Step 1: The Match Test

If you’re like me and love to pick up statement pieces that don’t go with anything except the hanger in your closet, this one’s for you.
Find at least 3 items in your closet that you can pair this with. For example: If I want to purchase an And Also belt, say the ‘Hug Me Tight corset’- I would imagine pairing it with my ripped jeans and white shirt for a classic look, a bodycon cocktail dress for a sexy look and a printed midi skirt to add some structure to the fun. And there you go…Game, Set, Match!
*Check out And Also's bestseller, the 'Hug Me Tight' corset here*

Step 2: Same same but different

Ask yourself- do you really need two grey silk camisoles with a lace detail in your wardrobe? We’ve all tried to sneak in certain versions of our existing favourite pieces into our cart, I know I have. Time to change it up, maybe?

Step 3: I have nothing to wear!

This one’s a game changer- trust me! As you know by now, I love buying clothes i’ll never wear simply because ‘what if the queen invites me for a formal brunch’ or ‘maybe there’ll be a Serena Van Der Woodsen themed cocktail party that I will need this very extravagant gown for’. I think i’ve made my point. Think of ATLEAST one occasion in the very near future where you can wear this piece. No? Thank you, next!

I hope this three step process helped you narrow down your 15 item cart to 5 and still sparked some joy in you. (yes I love Marie Kondo too).

Happy shopping girls! Hope you find the perfect shoe for your Achilles Heel. (See what I did there?)



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